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Posted on 08-28-2017

The Right Way to Clean Your Glasses from Our Streeterville Optometrist

Your eyeglasses are an investment in your ability to see as clearly as possible as well as to present yourself to the world looking your very best. But how many times have you caught yourself looking through a pair of glasses whose lenses are dirty and smudged? Do you know how to keep them clean? Removing dirt not only gives you a clearer view, it helps prevent your glasses from getting scratched.

doctor in Chicago gives person clean eye glasses

Advice About Cleaning Your Glasses in the Chicago Loop and Streeterville Area

Your preferred optometrist in Chicago, Dr. Tanvi Mago, wants to remind you that there is a wrong way and a right way to clean your glasses in the Chicago Loop and Streeterville area.

First, be aware that despite the wonderful household cleaning properties of vinegar, it is not suitable for cleaning eyeglasses. Neither are window cleaners or solutions that include ammonia or bleach. They contain chemicals that can ruin your glasses, such as damaging their protective coating. Do not resort to using saliva, no matter how urgent the situation is.

All you need to clean your glasses is a soft towel made of cotton (make sure it is clean and dry, of course!) and some mild dish soap. After rinsing your glasses with warm water, use just a drop of moisturizer-free liquid soap, which you will apply and rub with your bare fingers. Rinse the soap off the glasses when you’re done scrubbing. Remove water from the glasses by shaking them gently and then finish the drying process with the towel.

What About Keeping Glasses Clean While On the Go?

For times when you are away from home or work and need to clean your glasses, it’s a good idea to carry a small packet of microfiber lens cloths that the manufacturer states as being suitable for eyeglasses. It’s clear (pun intended) that keeping your glasses nice and clean is essential for good vision and seeing the world as it truly is.

Many patients come to Eye Society on a periodic basis just to see what new frames we have to offer through our very own line of eyeglasses. They appreciate how our friendly staff goes out of their way to help them select the perfect frames to complement their look. Not only will you see your environment better, but new and stylish eyeglasses will improve how you look to others! After all, the right set of glasses can give you a boost of confidence at work, school and at leisure, especially when you coordinate the look with your favorite clothes.

Make an Appointment with Your Streeterville and Chicago Loop Optometrist Today

Did you know that optometrists recommend that their patients come in at least once per year for a vision and eye wellness check? In fact, some patients should actually come in every six months, depending on their condition.

If you can’t remember the last time you came in for an exam, now would be a good time for a visit with our eye doctor. For more information on correctly taking care of your glasses or to make an appointment with your preferred Streeterville and Chicago Loop optometrist, please get in touch with Eye Society today.

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