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Posted on 05-10-2018

Who Diagnoses Cataracts?

Changes to your vision raise concerns about developing an eye condition. You want to catch a condition early to prevent complications with your vision. The key is recognizing the value of regular check-ups with our eye doctor to help catch problems before it causes damage to your eyes. Cataracts are a concern that may arise and you want to start treatment to slow the progression of the condition.

woman getting tested for cataracts

What are Cataracts?

A cataract means the lens of your eye is clouded. The clouding impacts your vision by preventing light from properly refracting into your eyes. That means you will have blurred or cloudy vision. You want to catch the problem early to obtain proper treatment from our eye doctor.

How Does our Chicago Optometrist Detect Cataracts?

Our Chicago optometrist detects cataracts during a comprehensive eye exam. During the exam, we ask about your medical history and your family history. We establish the risks to your eyes based on family history and your past experiences.

After clarifying the historical details, we check on your current vision. We test your near and far vision to determine if you have any changes. We also use appropriate tests for eye conditions. In the case of cataracts, we dilate your pupil using eye drops. The eye drops allow us to look into your eyes and see any problems with your retina and optic nerve. When looking at your eyes, we may notice clouding of the lens.

Since we use a type of microscope to look into your eyes, we see any abnormalities. Cataracts are one of the problems we identify during the exam. We may also run further tests on your eyes if we are unsure about the diagnosis or want to clarify the severity of cataracts for treatment. Our optometrist diagnoses the condition when we see a problem during the exam.

Get In Touch With Our Local Eye Doctor To Treat Your Cataracts

A comprehensive eye exam plays an essential role in diagnosing cataracts and other eye conditions. When you want to catch a problem early or if you are concerned about the risk of cataracts, call (312) 631-3247 or (312) 640-2405 today.

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