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Vision Rehabilitation in Chicago

Vision rehabilitation

If you're losing your vision, that doesn't mean you have to lose your independent lifestyle. It just means having to learn a new skill set to find new ways to do familiar tasks. At Eye Society, our Chicago optometrist works hard to stay current with the latest techniques in eye care, including the latest improvements in vision rehabilitation. If you or a family member has a beginning or ongoing vision loss, the most important task right now is to learn to live as independently as possible. 

Eye Doctor in Chicago Defines Vision Rehabilitation

Vision rehabilitation is the process of helping visually impaired individuals to learn to live as independently as possible to aid in their quality of life. Dr. Tanvi Mago, our eye doctor in Chicago, helps a wide variety of patients with varying amounts of vision loss. The goal is to use the vision you have, combined with a variety of visual aids, to move you back to a more normal lifestyle. There are a number of low vision aids you can use, including:

  • Magnifying eyeglasses. These are worn like regular eyeglasses, but they make your field of vision larger, making it easier to clearly see what's in front of you. They can be used for reading, crafts, or other close-up tasks
  • Hand magnifiers. These large magnifiers can be aimed toward a specific area, and some of them include lights for even clearer vision
  • Audio books and electronic books. Audio books read your text for you, while electronic books allow you to change the size and contrast of the words you see
  • Talking items. Including watches, blood pressure cuffs and timers
  • Devices. Made specifically for those with low vision, these devices such as telephones, cell phones, remote controls, thermostats and watches all have large numbers and buttons to allow easier viewing

Home Techniques

Besides using visual aids, there are some techniques you can practice at home to make living with low vision easier. 

  • Increase the amount of light in your home by replacing light bulbs with those with higher wattage.
  • Reduce the glare your eyes have to deal with. Adjust lamps inside so glare doesn't affect you, and wear wraparound sunglasses whenever you leave the house.
  • Create contrast in your life. Use white dishes on a black tablecloth, buy kitchen items in distinctive and bright colors, and avoid color coordinated decorating schemes.

Looking for Low Vision Treatment in Chicago?

The first step in dealing with your low vision is to assemble a team to help you get through this daunting lifestyle change. Our Chicago optometrist is here to help you, every step of the way. Begin by coming in for an examination and consultation with our doctor.

Knowing you have a solid plan for improving your life can be the best way to encourage you to move forward. Contact our office at 312-640-2405 today.

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